How can I query Airtable using an API

Here is an example table that I have in airtable.

For a month parameter of 6, I am trying to obtain the corresponding Median value i.e. 65.7, can someone please guide me on how I can I obtain this i.e. just by providing Month parameter obtain the Median value using the Airtable API.

Many thanks.

How much of the api integration do you have written already and how are you connecting to the api?

The documentation at explains how to list records. To get a specific record based on a field value, you can use a filterByFormula parameter as part of your request.

Hello @kuovonne,
I’m trying to get a specific record filtering by a specific field like email, maybe the right method is “retrieve” but I have not the IDs.
How I can do that?


I solved my problem: I read more filterByFormula.

Very good.