How can I search a value that is between other two values?



I have a question about searching values in tables.

I have a quoted dollar amount for a customer in one table and, based on that value, I need to search for the discount in another table. How can I do that?

For example, if the quoted dollar amount in table A is $115, then look for the discount factor in table B that is between $100 and $120, and copy it to table A.

How can I search a value that is between other two values?


The only thing I can think of is to use nested IF statements in a formula. Have it check to see if the value is less than $120 but more than $100 and if so return the discount, if not leave it blank. This would get problematic if you have a table with a number of different ranges for discount points, and as I write this I’m assuming that’s what you have, is that accurate?


Hi Dean_Toland,

Thank you for replying. Based on a suggestion from Victoria from Airtable’s customer service, I was able to solve my problem using a formula. It was a bit messy, but it does what I was trying to achieve. Here is the formula for the benefit of the community:

Please note the bunch of right parenthesis at the end of the formula. This was the more problematic part. The formula gave errors until I got the correct number of parenthesis.

IF({Seller Rating} <= 0, “”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 0, {Seller Rating} <= 9), “:medal_military:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 10, {Seller Rating} <= 29), “:medal_military::medal_military:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 30, {Seller Rating} <= 99), “:medal_military::medal_military::medal_military:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 100, {Seller Rating} <= 199), “:medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::medal_military:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 200, {Seller Rating} <= 499), “:medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::medal_military:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 500, {Seller Rating} <= 999), “:gem:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 1000, {Seller Rating} <= 1999), “:gem::gem:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 2000, {Seller Rating} <= 4999), “:gem::gem::gem:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 5000, {Seller Rating} <= 9999), “:gem::gem::gem::gem:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 10000, {Seller Rating} <= 19999), “:gem::gem::gem::gem::gem:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 20000, {Seller Rating} <= 49999), “:crown:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 50000, {Seller Rating} <= 99999), “:crown::crown:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 100000, {Seller Rating} <= 199999), “:crown::crown::crown:”,IF(AND({Seller Rating} >= 200000, {Seller Rating} <= 399999), “:crown::crown::crown::crown:”,IF({Seller Rating} >= 400000, “:crown::crown::crown::crown::crown:”,“Error”))))))))))))))))

So, basically it uses a string of symbols to identify Sellers based on their rating on This formula is used a part of a table used to research possible product suppliers on Aliexpress.

I hope this helps if someone else needs to do a similar thing.