How can I select the quantity of multiple records in a "linked to another record" field in my table?

Hello everyone!

I am designing a table in my Airtable Base that allows my employees to create invoices as records. I would like them to be able to link materials from the Materials table so they can add several materials that they had used on the job within the same field. I would like to know if there is any possible way to select a quantity for the items in the field. For example, if I select an item, I would like to select the quantity I used of that item. Please keep in mind that the field is linked to the materials field as “Link to another record.”

Here is a screenshot of the Invoices table:

I appreciate anyone’s help in advance.

Thank you!

You would need what’s referred to as a “junction table”. Make a new table with link fields to both the Invoices and Materials tables. Each record in this new table will house the quantity of a particular material used in a particular invoice.

As an example, take a look at this base which uses the table Recipe Ingredients to store how much of each ingredient is used in each recipe:

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