How can one create multiple records using Zapier?


I am building an applicant tracking system using Airtable. As I update a record in Table A to “Pass” I want that person to show up in Table B and I am currently pulling all the values from Table A in to Table B as lookups. I do this by using a two step Zap in Zapier, New record in View (Passed Candiates view in Table A) and then Create Record in Table B (Update the linked record column there so that the lookups get updated). I noticed that when there were 10 candidates that I marked as Pass, thus meaning that there are 10 new records in my Passed Candiates view in Table A, only ONE record gets updated in Table B, then I have to manually run the Zap 9 more times for all the 10 records to appear. How do i set up Zapier so that all 10 records get created when the view gets updated with 10 new records?


I would think it should work that way.

but if not, might I suggest On2Air: Actions

to solve this (and much more)