How convert multiple select "text" into a score?


for beginning, sorry for my poor English…

I am in the process of designing an outdoor game and want to count the scores via Ipad, so I am looking for something simple to input.

The teams must choose a “walk” that takes several possible paths. example path: “A”, “B”, “C”
each path counts a number of points:
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3

at the end we add the points according to the walk :
A, B, B, C, A = 9

I first used a table named “path” with a defined score that I linked to my table “team course”, but we can not use a single occurrence of each path, which limits.

and Input on Ipad is simpler with" multiple select …

I explored the possibility of combining the CONCATENATE and SUBSTITUTE,

SUBSTITUTE((CONCATENATE({parcours /walks})),“A”,“8”)

I also tested with the function IF and OR but I had error messages, I think related to the synthaxe …

I do not think this is very complicated for 3 “PATHS” but a little more complex if you start to have more than 30 different types of score …

please help
Merci par avance :wink:


Hi, There are 2 ways to accomplish this. You can have 3 tables (Paths, Users, Selections) or 2 Tables which have drop-downs and IF statements (Users, Selections)

3 tables (Paths, Users, Selections)
With a 3 table solution the paths and points are entered on ‘Paths’. The Users are identified on the “Users” table and link to the “Selections” table and will also pull in the points and rollup the total score. The “Selections” table is required so that each line entered is an individual path selection, in order. You can use ‘Auto Number’ as the record identifier.

2 Tables (Users, Selections)
With a 2 table solution, you will still need the “Selections”, but you can remove the “Paths” table and instead use a dropdown and assign points via an IF statement.

IF({Path (DropDown)}=“A”,1,IF({Path (DropDown)}=“B”,2,IF({Path (DropDown)}=“C”,3,"")))


Thanks a lot that’s excactly that i was looking for