How do I add an option to a column?

I am trying to add a new option to a certain column.

I use my airtable as a form to collect applications from users, but I need to update the “Session” of what they are applying for. I can’t see to add a new session that would indicate that they are applying for the next era. The only possible data that can go in this column are “Session 1” and Session 2," while I want there to be “Session 3.”

The “Customizing the field type” (can’t post links here) guide might help me, but it shows menu functionality that I don’t see to have.

Any ideas?

Hi @Robert

First of all do you have the free plan or another plan, for example the Pro Plan has more options then the free plan.

In terms of wanting to add another option to one field, you can use the single select or multi select option to add different options, such as Session 3.

Here is a link to basic Airtable information:

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You don’t have this?


Correct, I am missing that.

Hi @M_k, I have the free plan. I do not see the circled down-arrow button at the top of the column. So I can’t access the proper dropdown that the guide shows.

Hi @Robert

What device/computer do you have Airtable installed on.

I use an iPad and Mac and I seem to get the fields. You should also have access to the fields with MS too, at lest that is my understanding.

Better yet, is there a way that you could send a screenshot of the field/fields?

Mary K

Something tells me you’re looking at a read-only view of your table, and aren’t actually logged into your Airtable account. When you look at the URL in your browser, does the part after “” begin with “shr”? If so, that’s a shared view, and data can’t be edited in shared views. You need to log into your account to edit the field options.

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Thanks @Justin_Barrett!

This was a bit of a stumper.


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