How do I connect my app to the airtable base? Link to the guide will be helpfulI

I am researching on how to integrate our application with airtable base as a database. Any links to the api/ integration docs/guides on this would be helpful.

Here is the link to the REST API Documentation:

And here is the link to the scripting API documentation:

And here is some additional documentation for developers:


Are you looking for a no-code integration with Integromat or Zapier? Or a code solution with the rest api?

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Great question from @kuovonne! In the majority of cases, it’s easier to use Zapier or Integromat for connecting apps to Airtable!

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If a no-code integration is available, then I wouldn’t mind using that. Integromat or zapier will help me in doing that?

It depends on what your app is and how it works. iOS you app built on a platform that is already supported by Integromat or Zapier? Or is you app complete custom code from the ground up? What do your developers say?

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Also apologies if I was not clear, I would want to write data into our airtable database as well as read data from airtable to our application.

For your question on type of application, its going to be a web application and we are planning to use bubble (no code tool )

I recommend you start with Bubble’s documentation for the Airtable plugin.

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And yes, in addition to Bubble’s plug-in, it looks like Integromat supports Bubble as well:

If you end up going down the Integromat path, and need to hire an expert Airtable consultant & Integromat partner to help you with the integration, please feel free to contact me through my website at

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