How do I count my records in airtable? (feat. records count error)

I got a notice from airtable. my records are over 1200. and I counted all records in each table in 1 base. (1 includes sync table from another base).
my detailed questions are below.

  1. Is airtable import all records when I sync records from another base even if I filtered some records?
  2. Is there any other hidden things I need to know when I count records. I counted all current records and all synced records, but still 100 records difference between my count and airtable count.

Synced records count towards the record limit. If you have the sync set to retain records that were removed from the shared view, they will still count towards your record limit. If you have records in the original source table that have been filtered out and this never synced, they will not count towards the record limit in the target base.

The number of records shown in the workspace settings page also is not a live count. If you recently deleted or added re odds, the count on the workspace will not immediately update.

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