How do I create a field that has link to a folder (or File) on my Mac

I am planning on doing a clean install, totally reinstalling my MAC when Apple releases the next version of the OS this Sept.

In preparation I wanted to create an Air Table with the license keys and more importantly the location to the installation files.

I would like to be able to click on the field and then open the location of the install files.

Thanks in Advance.


Welcome to the community, Steve! :smiley: While Airtable can store files easily, it can’t link to local files. All URL fields attempt to open links in your browser. You could save the path in a text field, but there’s no way to click on the path and have it open the Finder and navigate to the file or folder. The best you can get is to copy the path from the field, Command-tab to the Finder, Shift-Command-G to go to a path, paste the path, and hit Enter.

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