How do I create a new group in Grid view


I have taken over an airtable base from another person. This base has 3 tables,
Cost Centres

In the transaction table I have groups of transactions that are linked to the cost centre table. Basically I need a new group with an unused cost centre in it. But if I create a copy of the groups I cannot change its title. I need to change this to an existing cost centre in the other table

I have uploaded an image so you can see what I am on about


Hi @Paul_Gadsdon and welcome to the community!

Grouping records is always based on a field. In your case the linked field from your table “transactions” to “cost centres” and back. If you want a new group, simply add a record in “transactions” (in the linked field) to the desired (new) cost centre. A new group will then be made.

So in short, you have to change the field upon which the grouping is based.

Hope this helps.

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