How do I create a synced "join lookup" table?

I am looking for a way to convert a table (ideally, automatable on field update) in this format:

Project ID Impacted Team(s)
101 1, 2, 3
102 2
103 1, 3

to this format:

Project ID Impacted Team
101 1
101 2
101 3
102 2
103 1
103 3

so that I can filter on multi-select fields (comma delimited values) in BI tools such as Tableau. I’ve seen this format referred to as a “join lookup” table in a previously used application.

Tableau Desktop alone cannot do this via split & pivot as pivoting on calculated fields (split) is not supported. Tableau Prep, which can do this, does not support WDC connected data sources, such as Airtable requires.

Any suggestions?

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