How do I create a unique URL to accept invitation?

Hey there,

I’m trying to generate a unique URL that someone gets in SMS or email and by open it, it’s run a script that checks a checkbox.

The purpose of the script is to accept an invitation.

Does someone have an idea how to do that?

You could do it with Integromat’s webhook feature.

You would create a scenario in Integromat that is triggered via a webhook.

Take the webhook URL that Integromat gives you, and use it as part of a formula field in Airtable. The formula should append each record’s unique record ID to the webhook URL.

So your formula would result in something like this:

When Integromat receives the call from that URL, it could check the approved checkbox based on the record ID.

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Hey @ScottWorld, thank you so much!
It’s working.

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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