How do I create a view for records that are filled via the form only

Hi, I’d like to have a view that shows only the records that are created when a form is filled out and then sent.

I sometimes add records mannually in a table, but most of the time the records will be created by someone (client) that fills a form.

I’d like to have a view for only those records. Does that exist ?



Welcome to the community, @Mu_Mu!

Records that are created by the form will come in with the creation name of “Anonymous”, so you could add a “Created By” field type to your table, and wherever you see the name “Anonymous”, that would be a record that was created by the form. Then, you could create a filter on your view that only shows you “Anonymous” records.

If you have MULTIPLE DIFFERENT FORMS and you need to keep to track of WHICH FORM the data was submitted from, that’s where things get a little bit trickier. A typical way of solving this dilemma is to add a required field onto the form that ONLY exists on that particular form. So, the presence of that field being filled in with data would indicate which form was the one that was submitted.

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Thank you very much ! It’s exactly what I needed.


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