How do I create a Zap to fill in a multiple select without it deleting what's already in the multiple select field

I’d like to have a zap that takes a new lead of ours and creates/updates them in a base we have for leads. Within this base, we have a multiple select column that indicates the source of the lead. As leads can enter our world in many ways, we are looking to capture all the ways they’ve interacted with us prior to arranging a sales call, or becoming a client.

I have no issues creating a zap to do this, EXCEPT when it comes to the source field which is the multiple select. Is there a way to ADD to the list instead of having the field wiped of what is already there and only showing the source provided by the zap that just completed?

Hi @Cole_Wedemeier and welcome back to the community.

I don’t know why u are using a Zap for this (there could be a logic reason), but via the Airtable automations, when you use a new option in table 1 (new lead with new source) to create a record in table 2 (all leads) with that new option, it will just add it as an extra option in your multiple select field.

In an Aitable automation you’d insert the record’s current value as pulled from the trigger record (or some earlier step), add a comma, then add the “new” value. I assume its the same for Zapier.

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The lead is being captured outside of Airtable, so the zap is required to put the information gathered in one platform into Airtable. I don’t have an issue creating a new lead source, as it’d only have one at that time. It’s when the find record locates one and then goes to input the new source. That’s when this multiple select field gets overwritten from any of the other sources it might be displaying to only show the one the zap is trying to input (instead of adding it).

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@Kamille_Parks this is exactly what I had to do. Thank you! The only item that needs to happen before this, is to ensure that there is a test subject within the steps to find that already has a source listed. otherwise, if the first step of find record returns false, and creates the record for you, the multiple select field does not show as an option for putting what was found followed by a comma and the new information you want to add.

I appreciate your answer, thank you again!

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