How do i create an individual Client Portal

Is there a way that i can embed this to my client portal on my own website and have it set up to where my clients can view there individual column with out seeing anyone elses info?

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@Tina_Milam you can create filtered views for each of your clients and then embed those views on your weboage, you’ll want to disable the filter, search, ect ability on the embed page.

Thanks for replying, Here is a screen shot of my base. How can i set this so that when my members “Tina and Breanna” login to there account on my website to view there separate accounts, Breanna will not be able to see Tina’s info show up? Capture|690x206

You will need to create a new view. Create one for each member.

Then create a filter for that view, where you filter for the member name. Create one for each member.

Then create a shared embedded link to a particular members view for your website. You’ll need one per member.

Using that shared embed link you can now insert it into your website in the area that the member logs into.

Might be a better way to do this, but this is what comes to mind.

Hi Tina! I’m working on a Client Portal add-on for Airtable. Are you still using Airtable for this?


Sam, I’m interested in using Airtable, but not unless I can create a client portal to go along.


I would be very interested in the client portal you are working on!

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Fantastic! We’re taking sign ups for our beta which will launch in the coming weeks. Sign up for a demo here:

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Hi Sam,

I really would like to know whether your solution will work for me as well. Signing in for clients is where it starts for me (and it will be a paid subscription), but clients need to be able to use complex filters. And it seems that other solutions that I’ve seen, failed to do that job.
Can you tell me more about your product?


@Andre_Zijlstra, make sure you mention @Sam_Davyson in your comments, otherwise he might not see this for a while.

@Bill.French @Sam_Davyson I suddenly realized I may already have had a conversation with Sam about his product. And if I’m right creating the filters I needed could not be provided.
I have a database with songs - albums - recordings - artists and a lot more. The base is used to analyze songs and train/coach bands how to improve their performance.
Clients need to be able to find the right songs meeting their demands. For example: give me all the songs that have a saxophone solo, are in 6/8 time, in the genre “soul”. There are dozens of similar topics.


I saw your comment about a client portal add-on. Have you finished development yet?

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Hi Krista! Yes our portal product is now available and works with Airtable. You can sign up to use it here: (we have rebranded it to “Stacker”).

Let me know if you need any help getting going!

Thank you! Is there a video out there that shows how Stacker works?

If anyone is interested in a simple client portal, we’ve made this extension:

client portal, auto-view generator or a sharable search page

Regardless of its title, it can be used as a client portal. It would allow your users to lookup records based on some specific values (e.g. their ID and/or a confirmation number…etc). And it supports 2 types of view styles: gallery/list and a grid view.


Hi, Sam . . . is the Portal app still available? Is it possible to see a demo? Or ask specific questions? Thanks.