How do I create this percentage formula?

Hey all, I’d love a hand with a formula if anyone knows this?

I’d like to find what % a number is of another number, if that makes sense…

So for example…

If I have $500 in an investment account, and that investment is currently sitting at $750, what’s the formula to show the % increase (which equals to 50%)?

The formula would of course show the opposite of -50% if the investment fell to $250.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Christopher

It sounds like you want to know the percent change, which is slightly different from what percent is x of y.

This will give percent change:

({Current Value} - {Original Value}) / {Original Value}

Be sure to adjust the format settings of the formula field to display as a percent.

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Thank you so much, @kuovonne - that’s exactly what I need.

Question - for the past cells that don’t have a value, how do I remove the NaN? Is there something I can add to the formula to do that?


    AND({Current Value} & "", {Original Value}),
    ({Current Value} - {Original Value}) / {Original Value}

Thanks kuovonne. How do I actually “add” this to the existing formula?

({Current Value} - {Original Value}) / {Original Value}


AND({Current Value} & “”, {Original Value}),
({Current Value} - {Original Value}) / {Original Value}

I tried to do this but get an error so I’m obviously doing it incorrectly. Thanks!

Just use the new formula. Notice that the new formula contains the previous formula embedded in it.

Wow, I didn’t look close enough lol. Thanks, kuovonne :slight_smile:

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