How do I create this view (filter)?

Hey all, I’m struggling to create a view…

For context… the table in the screenshot below is an integration that copies every email from my gmail account into AT. I’ve grouped this particular view by “subject line” for the purpose of “batching together” subject lines that have been sent twice or more.

My Q is - how do I create a filter that ONLY shows the groups that have 2 or more of the same within them? In other words, how can I create a filter that shows only the emails (subject lines) that have been sent two times or more?


My solution would be to convert the {Subject Line} field into a link to another record-type field pointing at a new table for “subjects”, add a count-type field to the subjects table to count how many emails are associated, then in your Gmail Integration table use a lookup or rollup-type field with a condition applied to only include records with a count of 2 or more. Then use that lookup/rollup field for your filter.

Its not particularly ideal, and converting field types may mess with your integration.

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