How do I filter a list of options based on a prior selection

I have a table where I want someone to select which ‘venue’ a session takes place in. They also need to select a ‘location/room’ in which the session takes place.

How would I set this up so that if someone selects ‘venue 1’ they only see a list of room options in ‘venue 1’ when they go to fill in the field for ‘location’?


This would be super helpful. We have several such list which, at this point, require our users to ensure they manually select appropriate options based on prior data they’ve selected.

Perhaps a way to pass parameters to a view from other selected columns.

Check this Show and Tell post for details on building such a setup:


That Show and Tell was probably the single most useful thing I’ve found on airtable since starting to use it. Its been foundational in a couple bases.

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