How do I get list of all the tables in a base

Hello everyone,

I’m building an app that picks data from Airtable. All the listed APIs expect the table name as an input.

I’m looking for an API to get a list of all the tables in a base. Is there any API, or any workaround for this?


The Standard REST API does not have a method for getting all of the tables in a base.

If you want to use code to get a list of tables, you can use the Scripting block to get the list of tables and have Scripting block store that info in a regular table. Then you only need to code the single table name in the code that accesses the Standard REST API. You would need to remember to click the run button for the script whenever the table names change.

Eventually, the Standard REST API might have access to metadata, but for now we have to resort to workarounds.

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This is now possible!

Read about it here:

Simply make a GET request with the auth header, and see the tables listed:$BaseId/tables