How do I know if someone hasn't completed a form

I have a table which has a list of all my team. On another table I have a form they need to submit their covid tests each day. I need to know who from the list of crew hasn’t completed a form each day. is there a way to do that? I saw something similar asked before but the explanation didn’t make sense when I tried it out.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Zoe_Smith ,
How is your form set up to reference the person? Do they type in their name or select it from a list?

Hey Zoë,

I can think of two ways to accomplish this.

The first would be to have a dropdown option in the form that has the names of your team members, and when they submit a form they select their name from the list. Then you could have a view that shows who has/hasn’t submitted.

Alternatively you could have an automation that checks a box (or adds a date) to a field next to each users name, so you could easily scan (or setup a filtered view) to see which users haven’t submitted a response.

Hope that helps,

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