How do I link several expense total (sum) fields in various categories to a corresponding field in separate expense summary table


For expense tracking, I’ve created an expense Log table with separate categories and individual expenses (ie more details) and then I’ve created a separate expenses Summary table where I just want to list the totals in each category.

Can I link the totals in each category in the log table to the summary table?



I assume your [Expense Log] table has a column that lists the category to which each expense belongs? If that column is a single or multiple select field, just change it to a Link to Another Record field pointing to your [Summary] table. Each category will now have a row in your [Summary].

In [Summary] add a new Rollup field that uses the SUM(values) aggregation for whatever field in [Expense Log] contains the cost of that expense.



thank you so much I will try figure that out.