How do I measure what everyone is doing daily

Hello! I need to know how can I measure what my team members are doing daily. If they upload contacts to the data base, get meetings, and send emails. Is there a ways I can keep track of this individually?

Hi @Brenda_Colmenares - Advanced Reporting is a Service we offer (and have ability to send out on scheduled basis) that would allow you to monitor your team.

Feel free to reach out at to learn more

Is this a separate app? Why is there a waiting list?

Openside offers custom integrations that tie into Airtable. Some use existing apps like Zapier, while others are custom-programmed and tie into Airtable’s API.

I don’t see mention of a waiting list in the response. If you’re referring to the “scheduled basis” comment, that’s referring to the ability to send reports on a predetermined schedule using the mentioned service.