How do I print something when the formula fails? (Excel IFERROR)

Excel has the IFERROR function to elegantly catch when a formula fails. Airtable doesn’t seem to have an equivalent. Is there a way to emulate this functionality?

I have an airtable with a list of books that I’m reading. They have a start date and an end date, but I don’t write the end date until I’ve finished the book. I group books by end date and would like the group to be named “Currently reading” instead “#ERROR!”.

Thank you

Use an IF() statement to check if there is a value for the end date.

IF({End Date}, ~something~, "currently reading")

Also there is the function ISERROR() which will allow you to test if something returns an error or not when used with IF(). Similarly, there’s ERROR().

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

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