How do I pull a specific field from a related record

Is there an easy way to pull the data from a specific field in a related table? So far, it doesn’t seem so.

Let’s say I want to use a dollar value from an assets table and use it in a another table to add the amount to another asset? Or say to look up an amount balance in an accounts table so when I purchase an item I can subtract that amount in a purchases table? Ideally the amounts would be calculated/updated in their original tables.

It seems I can only access the name of the table in the related record. Thanks for any thoughts.

Hey @John_Pollard, it sounds like you’re talking about Lookup fields: Lookup field overview – Airtable - Support

This requires a field that is Linked to another table (I think that’s what you mean when you say related record). You should be able to right-click on that Linked field on the new table, and select ‘Add Lookup Fields’. Then you’ll be able to see which fields from the previous table you want to pull into the new one.

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Yes, this sounds right. Okay, I think I get it. Don’t know why it didn’t “click” before. Thanks. Too easy I guess. :laughing:

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