How do I put a shortened version of an address into a formula?

I have a formula for my primary field that looks like this:

CONCATENATE({Last Name}, " - ", Type, " - ", DATETIME_FORMAT(Start, ‘MM/DD/YYYY’), “-”, {Job Address})

and it turns out looking like this:

Thorton - G, DS, GC, - 08/17/2020- 692 Chateau Ln. Holly Lake, Tx 75461

I would like only the House number of the address to show in the primary field. How do I shorten the address in the formula?

Thanks in Advance!

1.) You would use a Search function to search for the first space " " in the string which would be right after the number.

SEARCH(stringToFind, whereToSearch,[startFromPosition])

2.) Then you would use a LEFT function to extract the results from Search to only extract the content before the space

LEFT(string, howMany)

You would technically start with a LEFT function and imbed the SEARCH function inside the “howMany” part of the left function.

LEFT({Job Address}, SEARCH(" ", {Job Address}))

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