How do I reference a cell on another tab inside a formula?

Hi, sorry in advance if this has been asked for. What I’m trying to do is reference a cell and lock it into a formula similar to how in excel you would do the following for example;



Welcome to the community, Kevin! :smiley: Unfortunately Airtable, being a database, doesn’t support direct cell referencing like a spreadsheet does. If you have a link field, though, and have a link in that field that points to a specific record in another table, you can then use a lookup field to retrieve the data from any other field in that linked record. It’s not as free-form as a spreadsheet, but still very useful in the right circumstances.

Could you describe more about the setup you’re trying to achieve (more at a conceptual level, not at the specific table/cell level)? We may be able to offer some ways to optimize your base.

Thanks for replying back Justin. Here’s what I am trying to achieve.

Tab 1 - I have a list of products with unit cost for each specific country ( rows). There are multiple countries listed (Columns) in this tab.
Tab 2 - Each country is assigned a value.

on Tab 1, I would like to reference the value assigned to each country on Tab 2 and multiply it to the unit cost of each product in that country on tab 1. I looked into linking the the cell together but I believe that was only for non numeric columns if I’m not mistaken. Let me know if this is clear enough so I can explain better.


I created the following base . Please let me know if you are looking in that direction.


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