How do I return the most recent of two dates?

I also need to return the latest date (of many dates, and most are in the future.). Any reason why this doesn’t work? DATETIME_PARSE(MAX(INT(DATETIME_FORMAT({Ins CR}, ‘YYYYMMDD’)),INT(DATETIME_FORMAT({App CR}, ‘YYYYMMDD’))),INT(DATETIME_FORMAT({Loan CR}, ‘YYYYMMDD’)))),INT(DATETIME_FORMAT({COP CR}, ‘YYYYMMDD’))))),“YYYYMMDD”)

@Jordan_Scott1 - I feel this is one of those missing links that Airtable Devs could add to their to-do list. Max({date_a},{date_b}) returns a 0 instead of the largest date. I went to use this method just now and was surprised to find it fail, and ended up using ugly If statements as a workaround.

@Valerie_Miles - I feel your pain! Make sure you also inform Airtable support.

Jup, should be fixed by the devs. would be a very nice feature.