How do I search including content and comments


It doesn’t look like searching in a table searches the comments. Can you help or is this a feature you are adding? Definitely need full text search across everything


i actually look forward to seeing such ability to search everything within the same base. if there r multiple tables within that base, the ability to search in all of them & also within each field will be a great help.

hope this comes through very soon.

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+1 for searching within comments.

Often we’d need to find mentions of something in a discussion, and it’s impossible to find again without comments being included in search.

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+1 If you can’t search comments it makes it precarious adding any information in there - and yet that’s where discussion for each item goes. Alternatively we could just make a text column that would be searchable but not have @mention capabilities. This seems like a critical feature.

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Seriously? you can’t search comments isn’t that kinda important? Please enable this, the data is right there, just allow us the option to access it