How do I see my DB in Gallery View?


I created a DB from scratch. I can only see it in Grid View but would like to have the option of switching to Gallery View.

How do I do this?

This seems ridiculously simple but can’t find it anywhere.


See the “Creating a Gallery View” section of our Gallery View support article.

If you want to use the same filters and sorts as an existing Grid View, first create a gallery view using the above instructions, then use the copy view configuration workflow.


I looked at that tutorial but my DB doesn’t show the dropdown menu like the tutorial has. It’s blank.

Perhaps the question then is how do I get the DB to display a dropdown menu like illustrated?




Gallery View is only supported on desktop browsers and our Mac and Windows apps at this time. It’s not available when using the Airtable for iOS app.


Installed the desktop version and can switch between views.

When will the iPad version be able to do this?



I found a way to get gallery on iOS by embedding the airtable into my wordpress site, and presto, you get gallery view on mobile.