How do I sort and filter to show a single entry if multiples exist?

I have an Airtable with thousands of rows, all of them with unique links. Each link has an associated author who has a Username and Email.

In a view, I’m grouping by Username and then I see multiple entries for that same Email. That’s fine, but my goal is to see only one entry for that Email, for that Username, in this specific view.

How can I go about achieving that? Thanks!


I could be wrong, but I believe this is a challenge because unlike SQL databases, we don’t have a UNIQUE constrictor in the filtering feature (that I know of).

A lot has changed since 2017 but I think @Chester_McLaughlin nails the answer here.

Unfortunately, I think the only way to do this is with an API process that would perform the UNIQUE filtering process and update an adjacent table with the results.

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Are you trying to create a report of sorts where you see all the books by a given author, but you only see their username and email address listed once for their group of books, instead of seeing it for every record? If you have a Pro account, you might consider building a page using Page Designer. That gives you far greater control over what and how the data is displayed compared to Airtable’s views.

No, I just want a view where regardless of how many records I have from the author, I’m able to see each author’s name and email one time.

One way to achieve that is to make a custom field that concatenates the name and email into a single string, group by that field, but leave the field hidden. You’ll see the name and email in the group header, and nowhere else.