How do I use GlobalConfig.setPathsAsync?

Hi there,

Tried different ways, without luck as of yet. It’s lacking documentation and I also couldn’t find an example in any of the block examples.


Hi Ronen,

globalConfig.setPathsAsync takes an array of update objects, e.g.

await globalConfig.setPathsAsync([
  {path: ['a', 'b'], value: 1},
  {path: ['c'], value: 2},

Would result in the following data in globalConfig:

  a: {
    b: 1,
  c: 2

Hope this helps! We’ll look into adding an example in the docs for this, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Yes, definitely, thanks :pray: Related question, on how to use setAsync (an example for that in the docs would also help :slight_smile: ), right now, I’m using it as:

globalConfig.setAsync('c', 2)

If I want to create a key in a sub doc, I just:

globalConfig.setAsync(['a', 'b'], 1)


Yep! globalConfig paths can be an array of keys. It’ll create the intermediate objects if needed automatically.

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