How do I visibly auto number a form?


I have form in which I need the applicant to be able to get a unique ID number from the form they just filled out. I am missing something simple? Auto-number fields do not show up. Using the prefill method of an auto-number field does not show up either. I’m new at this so hopefully I’m just missing the obvious. Thanks, Terri



To my knowledge, this isn’t possible. Forms currently only show fields that the user can edit. Fields with generated content (formulas, roll-ups, auto-numbers, etc.) aren’t even allowed to be added in the form layout.

The only workaround that I can think of—assuming that the user input either their email or phone number into one of the form fields—would be to use Zapier or Integromat to send the user their ID via email/text after the form has been submitted.



Thanks Justin. That’s a problem. For privacy reasons, people need to submit their info anonymously. Do you know if there is a way to check for unique names at the form level?



Unfortunately there’s next to nothing that can be done at the form level. A form is essentially a specialized view used only for entering data for a single record of a given table. None of the formulas in other fields are live at the time that someone is filling out the form, so the only checking that’s possible is post-entry, at which time it’s kinda too late to do anything if there’s a non-unique name.

To build a form that does live data-validation, you’ll have to do that outside of Airtable; if you want that form to tie in to Airtable, it’ll require tapping in via the API, and as I haven’t used said API yet, I don’t even know its capabilities and limitations in that regard. Sorry.

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Thanks. I appreciate your help.