How do I work with lists of records in automations?

I’m trying the following in my automation;

  1. Trigger is when record in Offer table changes status.
  2. First Action is Find Records from a Customer Table
  3. Second Action is to Create Records in Marketing Table for each of the customers from #2 above.

However, I don’t know how to do that. Is it possible to iterate a list in automations?


Unfortunately, there is no direct way to iterate through a list of records in automations.

In my opinion, it seems like this is a big oversight by the Airtable engineers to leave this out of automations. I would highly recommend that you email to ask them to please implement this feature into Airtable.

Since you can’t do this directly, you can only do this in a roundabout way. This video explains how to do it in a roundabout way:

(You can also do this directly by using Integromat, which is an external automation platform that has none of the limitations of Airtable’s automations.)

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Thanks for the response! I’ll check Integromat.
Yes, definite oversight… Perform actions on list should be a feature.

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