How do you create a field that allows users to enter certain times with am/pm?

I do not see a way to add a time field, so someone can choose 7:00am or 9pm, etc.

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Airtable does not have an independent time field without a date. Here are some workarounds:

  • use a date/time field, and ignore the date
  • use a duration field, enter time in 24 format (not am/pm), and use formula fields for displaying the time as am/pm
  • use a text field to enter the time (with am/pm) and then use a formula field to perform calculations with it.

This thread discusses the options in more detail.

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Do you have the corresponding formulas?

Welcome to the community, @Aline_Vida! :smiley: In your original post, you mentioned that “someone can choose 7:00am or 9pm”. Can you describe more about your specific use case? It sounds like you plan on giving users multiple options to choose from, instead of having them type in values. What’s the desired end goal for the time gathered from the user? Will it be married with a date, or just left on its own? Knowing more about how you wish to use the time information will help us provide the proper formulas and other setup details.

I’d like users to be able to enter specIfic times and also be able to choose am or pm.

The formulas are at the bottom of @Justin_Barrett’s post that I referenced earlier. He also has a nice graphic and explanation.


The purpose of the field in my case is for people to be able to enter their shift start time and end time.

Is there any video that shows the exact steps that are necessary to create this kind of field?

The easiest way to do that is to use a date field, and turn on “Include a time field”:

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.51.17 AM

When using the form, users can pick the date and time all at once. No special formulas or other setup required. Click on the left to pick a date. Click on the right to pick the time.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.52.30 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.53.23 AM

Will this work for you?

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Thank you. I like this solution. This saves a great deal of time. I hope that the ability to enter time by itself is an option one day. Where can I make this suggestion?

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To show your support for a separate time field, do a quick search in the Product Suggestions category and you’ll likely find a thread or two. Even if they’re closed, you can still give the initial post a thumbs-up to show your support.

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