How do you manage airtable with a team?


I’m just curious what other peoples workflows are here?

I am using airtable just for myself right now, since its easier for to completely setup and manage the data on my end.

But how would I go about collaborating when I start adding team members who can edit these airtable files?
For now its just going to be 1 additional user adding data

My major concerns are the following:

  • The other user being added on here, some of their data isn’t up to my standards so its considered slightly “garbage” data in my mind. It doesn’t meet the high level standards I set out, so I need to keep a close eye on this data.

This is mostly for a product database.

How exactly would I go about ensuring my data is as clean as possible?

Which feature would I use:

  • Collaboration / revision history checkups?
  • Personal table views ($24/plan)? (only give permissions to edit certain parts of the table?)
  • Rigid referential integrity enforcements? (I don’t know how this works yet though)

Could someone possibly chime in on how they set up airtable for their company to ensure quality data control, from a management perspective?