How do you remove an option from a select list?


Hello… I am using a couple of single and multiple select lists but have made a few typos and decided to change some other. So I added the new options to the select list but I can’t seem to remove the old options that I no longer need? Either this isn’t supported or i just can’t see how to do it!

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


It would be better for you to just edit the misspelled options instead of making new ones. That way, all records with those options selected will be updated. I do this all the time haha. To do that you should be able to just click the option in the Customize Field Type dropdown and retype how its spelled

But to answer your question, you would click on the field’s Customize Field Type dropdown, and then next to the option on the right there’s an X. Click the X to delete existing select options.


Thank you Kamille… i didn’t think to go back to the Customize Field Type dropdown! Seems obvious now :+1:

Thanks again :slight_smile:


How do you do this in “multiple select”?