How do you remove the Airtable logo on the website embedded view?


How do you remove the Airtable logo (bottom left) when you embed an Airtable view on a website? Is this removable on the paid plans for Airtable? If not, I think it should be an option


+1, I would actually like to be able to remove the whole bottom bar!
I am currently using a Free plan and I will definitely upgrade to a Plus plan if this option is released!


+1 me too! this function would be very helpful


I think this should fall under a Pro membership.


yes, i would like to see this be an option on the pro plan as well. seems strange to be paying for something and have the branding still show up everywhere. i’m on the pro plan, and i like that i can take the branding off of forms, but also need the option to take the branding off of embedded bases on our website.

please update this thread if this is going to be possible. :slight_smile:


This would make me upgrade.


This is in the pro plan already:


although the resulting form still keeps the following message at the bottom which mentions airtable:


This seems the wrong place for this message (why give the message to the USER of a form - it’s the designer who needs to see it).


But does Pro let you hide the logo on an embedded Grid view?


Hm, you talk about form options.
@paul_phillips talk about this :

Hey Airtable :thinking:


@Katherine_Duh - is there any feedback on this - I now have 2 clients (one you know about) who need to be able to suppress the Airtable branding on embedded views/bases. The biggest issue is that these are clickable and take the user off the site.


@Julian_Kirkness Julian, were you able to figure this out? I have Pro membership but have same question.


Not yet - but I’m hoping that @Katherine_Duh may come back to us!


Fyi. So I spoke with AirTable representative and at leadt from that communcation, I was of impression that it doesn’t seem like they have any plans in near future to get rid of this even for Pro Plan. They welcomed my comment that they should make it more visible in their Pricing Page that Pro Plan will not allow getting rid of their logo and sign in function.


I would upgrade if this feature existed.

For many folks here this feature seems a Must in order to upgrade. Can imagine some enterprise prospects might not join either without being able to get rid of branding on Embedded Views.

@Howie_Liu @Howie could you please let us know your stance on this? Thanks!


Any plans about this feature? Really we need this option.


Does this option currently exist?


Not, only in the embed forms, but in tables and databases not


+1 this! I figured it was an option and that was my main reason for upgrading.
What’s up Airtable?