How do you stop the redirection to the Airtable iOS App when you log into Safari on an iOS device?

There is no KanBan view available in the iOS app, and the user is told to use the web browser to see this view. Unfortunately there is a persistent dialog on the web home page after you log in redirecting you to use the iOS app.

Does any one know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

Simply request the desktop version of the website from your iOS web browser.

Note that Airtable won’t work properly on your iOS web browser — it doesn’t scroll properly, and many other features are broken as well — but you will probably be able to view the kanban view.

Since Apple likes to hide functionality behind a clean UI veneer, here’s how you can do what @ScottWorld suggests:

  • tap font menu in top left of Safari interface
  • select “Request Desktop Website” from that menu

And if you want to always respond with the desktop site in Safari, rather than the app redirect, you can select “Website Settings” from that same menu and check that option:


Thanks, @Jeremy_Oglesby! :slight_smile:

@Jeremy_Oglesby OMG, I’ve never gone into that “Website Settings” area before — that is very cool to know about! :slight_smile:

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Again thanks for the quick and clear reply. I think my expectation that Airtable will work on mobile devices are beyond the current functionality.

Oh, you posted that other post, too. Yeah, unfortunately, Airtable really isn’t designed to be a full-time mobile app. The mobile app is perhaps for a few quick tasks here & there: maybe quickly looking up someone’s phone number or something like that. But you’re only going to get complete satisfaction from Airtable by using it on a desktop web browser.

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