How do you sum a column of data

How do you sum a column of data.
I try the formulas that SUM({GROUP}), but the result is not the sum of all the data in a column.

Formulas only act on one row at a time. But you could use the summary bar.

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Thanks Zolie, Airtable can not formulas act on one column at a time? I need to calculate the proportion of a data in the sum of a column of data, so I need to calculate the sum of a column of data. Or may I ask if the summary bar data can be quoted in the formulas?

[Can’t] formulas act on one column at a time?

Formulas are run once per row. During that runtime, they have access to values in other columns of that row, but they have no idea what data other rows have.

It’s technically possible to put a row reference inside of another row… that’s what a linked record fields is, as well as the fields that make use of linked records. Guessing those won’t help in this case, but they might in others.

[Can] summary bar data [be referenced in] formulas?

Unfortunately no. But the summary bar can combine row data. It also works for grouped data (portions of a column). For example, grouping by month:

If you need to do more complex math (that breaks all of these rules) the scripting block runs JavaScript. But you may want to hire a developer for that if you’re not familiar. Best of luck.

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Zolie, thanks for your answer :+1:. I know more about Airtable now

Sure thing. Maybe mark one of them as the solution?

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