How does Airtable Count Records for billing purposes?


My natural understanding of this would be 1 Row=1 Record…
I could be throwing off come rather inefficient software behind the scenes, but I’m getting a weird result…

In a nutshell, I imported 13k contacts, then another 28k notes to link to those contacts.
Once I imported those, Airtable decided I had gone up to around 54k records, putting me over my limit for Pro. I’m not great at math, but I’m not that bad :slight_smile:

I also culled down my notes to 17k, and it *still reads closer to 45k total records in admin rather than the ~30 it should.

Suppositions, as I’m kind of at a loss:
Is there a column amt that might start to count as new “records” in a row?
Does linking cause the count to go up?
Do Items in the trash count toward this number?
Is there a significant delay on how/when those numbers are put together?



I’m not yet working with data collections that large, but that definitely seems like a serious problem.

This is a long shot, but you might check for empty records in the mix. Maybe some snuck in somewhere/somehow, and they’re unnecessarily bloating the count. Though that would be a LOT of blank records, and would be pretty obvious, but it’s worth a shot.



So funny enough, that’s exactly what happened.
There’s a separate table that I had aside from Contacts and Interactions, which is basically users.
When I tried to link all three, it somehow just went crazy making new rows.
It definitely does take a minute to respond after you delete them at those high numbers, but it at least explains where that extra 13k was coming from :slight_smile: