How keep grouping and filters permanently on a shared table?

When I refresh page, I lost all grouping and filters on a shared table.
It there any chance to keep them? Could it be saved on Local Storage?

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View settings, like filtering and grouping should not disappear on their own. However, if someone changes the filtering/grouping for a view, it changes for everyone in the base.

Could someone else be changing the filters/grouping of the view?

Try creating a personal view that only you can see or locking the view.

@Endo Are you saying this is happening when you refresh a shared view? If so, you’ll have to change the filters in the actual base to get them to stick.

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Thank you @kuovonne, @Matthew_Lanni
Yes this happens when I refresh a shared view, I don’t have access to its base.
I still think that this could be a useful feature because not everyone use the same filter / order.

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