How much does airtable cost > 50k records?

My use case will eventually get to 50k records probably in under a year so I’m curious what the pricing is beyond that point - anyone know? A buddy of mine told me something like $20k but I’m really hoping he was misinformed.

Yep - I have run into this issue as well.

I think I saw a post where an informed user said that enterprise accounts (that support higher record ceilings) was like $3000/month which is far greater than $20k per year. Aside from seeming a bit silly, it’s largely an unaffordable luxury.

Sure, Airtable has many advantages that are unrelated to scale and storage capacity, but pricing based solely on capacity seems like a bad idea. Airtable is sensitive to issues like this and I believe we will see a better strategy emerge in the future.

Until then, there are not many options, and I recommend developing an archive strategy; use Airtable for operational data and something else for data-at-rest and/or historical processes.

I have one client that had me build a model for rapidly moving slices of a large database into Airtable from Firebase and then back after edits were performed. This makes it possible to have (for example) a ten-million record table accessible through Airtable. But this is not easy nor is it ideal in every case.

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There is a 25K upfront fee for the Entreprise plan then I don’t remember the monthly fees but it was not affordable for us. Now, knowing that the max of 50K records is per base we are going to archive a copy our base when it gets close to that number and continue to run on the same base where older records will be deleted. I’m running at over 25K after 8 month and I can tell you the limitation is due to speed, it takes more time to display more records. As long as you can split your base into several bases you are good with this solution.


Yep - and it is apparently impacted by many factors such as number of fields, attachments, and even lookup complexities.

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Oh God I was hoping someone was going to tell me I was insane re: that pricing I heard about. Sounds like it’s true.

Good rec on archiving strategy Bill thanks for that!

I was told $3k per month for 100k records. I honestly wouldn’t mind paying double the pro price for 100k records, but think should be more of a tiered price. Ie. $20mo. 50k records, $35mo. 100k records, $50mo. 200k records.

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