How to add a single select field to my scripting app?

This community has been invaluable for me learning about all the cool things Airtable can do! My question was asked nearly identically on this post and I almost got my answer, but I’m having a bit of trouble on how to add a single select field to my template task creation. Everything works until line 20, where I tried to plug in ‘Category’–a single select field in my Tasks Template–in all manner of combinations , to no avail. Here is the script that works entirely well except for that one line. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? Perhaps @JonathanBowen since he’s the one that came up with this. :slight_smile:

let eventsT = base.getTable(‘Events’);
let tasksT = base.getTable(‘Tasks’);
let eventTemplateT = base.getTable(‘Event Templates’);
let tasksTemplateT = base.getTable(‘Task Templates’);
let tasksTemplateQ = await tasksTemplateT.selectRecordsAsync();

let event = await input.recordAsync(‘Pick an event’, eventsT);
let eventTemplate = await input.recordAsync(‘Pick an event template’, eventTemplateT);
let eventTasks = ;
if (eventTemplate) {
output.text(Creating tasks for ${event.getCellValueAsString('Event')} using template ${eventTemplate.getCellValueAsString('Name')} ... please wait);
for (let eventTask of eventTemplate.getCellValue(‘Tasks’)) {
let task = tasksTemplateQ.getRecord(;
fields: {
‘Notes’: task.getCellValue(‘Notes’),
‘Days before event’: task.getCellValue(‘Days before event’),
‘Category’: [ {id:} ],
‘Event’: [ {id:} ]
while (eventTasks.length > 0) {
await tasksT.createRecordsAsync(eventTasks.slice(0, 50));
eventTasks = eventTasks.slice(50);

 output.text('Tasks created!')


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