How to add a Third Condition to an IF Formula so that if the value is negative it will return 0

This is the current formula I am using;

IF({3P Impressions}>0,{Booked Revenue}-({Booked Revenue}{3P Pacing}),{Booked Revenue}-({Booked Revenue}{1P Pacing}))

But when the value returned is negative, I’d like to display “0.” The format of the field is currency.

Hi @Kristin_Cox,

I’m not sure which part of your IF() you want to return no less than $0, so I’ll do it on both parts and you can fix as needed. You’ll want to use the MAX() function for this:

   {3P Impressions} > 0,
   MAX({Booked Revenue} - ({Booked Revenue} * {3P Pacing}), 0),
   MAX({Booked Revenue} - ({Booked Revenue} * {1P Pacing}), 0)

MAX() will make it so that if the result of your equation is less than 0, it will return 0 instead.

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This works. Thank you so much!

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