How to add auto date (current date) but give an option to change the date if needed

I have employees fill in an Airtable form to submit time they work on each billable client/project. To save them time I want it to automatically fill in that day’s date. But by chance, if they enter time a day late I want them to have the option to change that date if needed. I haven’t been able to locate the answer to this quite yet, although I’m sure it may be out there.

Thanks for any help to this Airtable newb!

Welcome to the community, @Jodi_Cohen! :smiley: Airtable form fields are manual entry only. There is a way to pre-fill a field with a certain value, but that value must be passed via the form URL. In order to use that option in your use case, you’d need to change the URL daily, which probably wouldn’t work assuming that your employees are probably using a bookmark and not referring to some other resource you’ve provided to get that form link.

Okay, great, thank you. I’ve created it so that the current date goes in on the grid view so that I can see when they entered the line, which is almost always the correct date the work was completed, and then just added a note in the description column to have them add the date there if it’s different, so that’ll work just fine. Thanks so much! Loving Airtable!

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