How to add days to a date?

I am trying to use this to automatically add 15 or 5 days to the contract date. The “calculation” field is an IF statement to calculate which amount of days to add. BUT I cannot figure out how to get the formula to add the days and give me a new date.

Hi @Julie_Anne_Stamps ,

The formula for adding a date is DateAdd({Contract Date},Calculation,‘days’)

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Its still not working the way I am wanting

Notice how the formula you entered was not the one suggested to you. DATEADD() needs to be told the unit of measurement of time to be added. As @Mohamed_Swellam said, you have to tell it to add 'days' to the end.

Thank you! I missed that.

No problem. I would suggest marking Mohamed’s reply as the solution since it was the actual answer to your question.

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