How to add represent multiple columns in a graph

Hello everyone,

I am trying Airtable to prepare some reports. For this purpose, I need to create a graphs to represent month on month change in planned numbers as compared to actual numbers.

For Exmaple, I have 5 projects, say - P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. I have planned some hours on each project for May and June. I am also tracking my actual work hours on these. We can use this data for create a graph:

|Project|Month|Planned Hours|Actual Hours|
|P1 |May|15|18|

Hey! This can be achieved very easily with the chart block - You’ll need to reconfigure how you think about your data a little though. I’ve included the base here for you.

Hope that helps!

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This is somewhat close to what I needed. However, still this is not the exactly I wanted. Here is an example of ideal representation:
Airtable Graph

This show planned and actual of each month together.

I can create the graph as shown above. But, I also want to keep Actual and Planned column separate as I would be using these columns in other tables.

Ah gotcha! Yeah - That’s definitely possible - Just break them out by Actual and Projected in the graph settings

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