How to align output in a Formular


I have a formular with a bunch of IF statements which tjeks if certain input fields are not empty to make sure they’re all filled in before a calculation is run.
My problem is the output is aligned to the LEFT but I need it aligned to the RIGHT.
Do anyone know how I can format this so it’s alignes properly?


Alignment is determined by the type of field (or result of calculation): Text aligns to the left, numbers to the right. To change the alignment, you can either convert the output of the formula to a different type, if possible — for instance, if the formula returns a textual representation of a number you could wrap the entire formula in a VALUE() function — or you can manually fake alignment by padding with the appropriate mix of thin, hair, figure, em, en , punctuation, and other space characters. It’s kind of a pain to pull off, and the results often will vary from PC to PC, but it can be done with some degree of success.

You can find examples and routines useful for creating a pseudo right alignment in my post on ‘pretty print’ routines for numbers and currency and in the base it references; in particular, you will want to look at the [Bells and Whistles] table.


Thank you for your quick response and pointing me in the right direction