How to allow multiple people to update their own records?


Hello from Scotland

I have a table with about 70 records (members of a club) and am looking for a way to allow each of them to have access to only their own record for updating purposes. I know that the information transferred into AIrbase from the previous system (an Access database) is incomplete and possible incorrect so I need to do some serious housekeeping of the data.

I don’t particularly want to ask all 70 to view a table of all members and then compose an email to me with the updates for their record.

Any suggestions?


I only have this idea:


Many thanks for that.

  I have used Zapier before in other applications but did not think of it as being an option in this case.

  I will study the article you mention and see if I can make it work.

Thanks again.

John Tuach


Bumped into a stopper after reading the first paragraph of the article you mention!

It needs a paid for Zapier account and I don’t think the club will pay for it.

Pity as it looked an interesting option.

Off back to the drawing board now.


Why don’t you just start a new airtable (blank) and ask your members to populate it? You can then add / edit as required.
Like this:


Hello Richard and thanks for the note.

  Given that I would like to allow members to display, check and update their stored information on a regular basis, I ended up going off piste and wrote a little script which I think might suit.

  The procedure is that every now and again a CSV file is exported which contains all 'user updateable' fields.

That file is uploaded to a website.

  A script then reads the uploaded file and displays a member's information in an update screen.

  The member is invited to check the contents and make any required changes.

  Once the changes have been made, the 'Tell Us' button is used to email any updated fields to the Secretary who will then apply them to the AirTable file manually.

  Not very polished and still being worked on but should do the job. I am not too concerned with the manual input aspect -  even if the member updated the Airtable file directly, the Secretary would still need to inspect the records subsequently to ensure that no duff information had been entered.

Have a look at

It is all test data so feel free to so whatever you want.

  I also need to check that using the Record ID from Airtable is secure enough for the purpose.


John Tuach


Hey John,

Interested in seeing the script you came up with… thanks in advance.



Hello Tyler

I use an ancient and obscure scripting language called Miva and the code I write would seriously offend an IT professional were they to see it…

I keep meaning to learn something more mainstream but just never got round to it!