How to associate a single select to every multiple select?

I’m designing a subscription form to know how everyone in my workspace wants to work our 4 projects. They can be either leaders, contributor or informed. On the spreadsheet I created a multiple select column so that they can say which projects they are interested in. But I would like them to be able to tell me, for each of these how they want to contribute… Any idea?

Hi Alexandra, how about a slightly different way to sovle the problem. First, create a table for people and a table for projects.

In the project table, create a single select list with project names, and allow people to select their names from records linked to the People table. This way you associate people with projects.

Then each person can choose their project role (leader, contributor, informed) from a single select list, and their level of participation (design, build, manage etc) from another single select list.

Use the Kanban View to see who is participating in each project, their role, and their level of participation. Hope that helps.

Thank you, I will try that :slight_smile:

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